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Graspop Guide (or FAQ)

After 2018 Graspop (GMM) experience, I prepared this unofficial guide, I hope it'll be handy for other festival goers.

I see everything is paid in tokens, how many tokens will I spend?
GMM burger (quite big burger) - 4 tokens
Hotdog - 2 tokens
Pulled Pork Sandwich - 3 tokens
Eggs and bacon - 3.5 tokens
Jupiler 25 cl - 1 token
Half-liter water - 1 token

These prices are for standard food stalls. There are also food trucks that charge something between 3-4 tokens for food and 1.5 for beer. Food trucks are more tasty compared to standard stalls and a little less economical. Notice that 1 token was 2.85€ in 2018.
I spent approximately 50 tokens during 4 days but I did not drink too much and skipped breakfast by eating at camp area.

What I can find there as festival merchandise, how much they cost?
There are tshirt, sweatshirt, belt, cap, bag, etc. Tshirt price was 20€ while sweatshirt was 40€. Notice that you won't pay it with tokens.

I plan to see 40 bands in 4 days. Cool, right?
Know your limit for standing during concerts. You'll probably save some energy during the day, so you won't miss the headliners.

Is there a breakfast in festival area?
Sure. Eggs and bacon, cornflakes and milk, pizza and other stuff are available. You can do some economy by eating in your tent though. I bought protein bars and peanut butter so I skipped having breakfast here.

Lots of queues in food stalls?
Nope, you won't wait more than 5 minutes. There are of course higher waiting times but they are very very rare. Food truck waits are more usual.

Concert areas are far from each other?
No, it is close to 5-10 minutes walk. If there are lots of people in the area this will increase.

I will stand in boneyard campsite. Can you give me some tips?
Take several things to wear while sleeping, nights can get quite cold.
Take an earplug with you; you won't be able to sleep while people party outside of your tent.
Take a sleep mask with you. They are a real must if you want to sleep.
Take soap as there are no soap in either camping or festival area.
Take baby wipes for thousands of reasons.
Take a powerbank as it is to difficult to charge your phone easily.
After 9-10 in the morning there will be a big queue in wc and showers. Get up early if possible.

Is there free drinking water in camp/festival area?
Still I'm not sure. I drank from water faucets in wc and the taste seems ok and I did not die yet. So I assume it is safe to drink from them.

Is there a grocery store in camping area?
There are a little stall that sells potato chips etc but for a proper grocery store you have to take the bus to mol station which runs every 5-10 minutes.

There are a place for my tent over there right?
We came midday in first day and found a place for our tents with great hassle. I'd recommend to go in the morning for finding a better tent spot. If you come here in third day with your tent, I don't think you can find a place.

My camp equipment is fucked in second day. I have 2 days left. What should I do?
There is a camp shop in camp yard, you'll probably find a solution there.

I'm coming from brussels airport (zaventem). Is it easy?
Yep just take the train from there to mol station. You have to change lines in somewhere close to Antwerp. Check the railways app for it.

I bought my train ticket from Airport to Mol Station. I don't see time field. When I can take the train?
Whenever you like. As long as you travel in the ticket day, there's no problem. You can hop in any train as long as this is your destination.