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Graspop Guide (or FAQ)

After 2018 Graspop (GMM) experience, I prepared this unofficial guide, I hope it'll be handy for other festival goers.

I see everything is paid in tokens, how many tokens will I spend?
GMM burger (quite big burger) - 4 tokens
Hotdog - 2 tokens
Pulled Pork Sandwich - 3 tokens
Eggs and bacon - 3.5 tokens
Jupiler 25 cl - 1 token
Half-liter water - 1 token

These prices are for standard food stalls. There are also food trucks that charge something between 3-4 tokens for food and 1.5 for beer. Food trucks are more tasty compared to standard stalls and a little less economical. Notice that 1 token was 2.85€ in 2018.
I spent approximately 50 tokens during 4 days but I did not drink too much and skipped breakfast by eating at camp area.

What I can find there as festival merchandise, how much they cost?
There are tshirt, sweatshirt, belt, cap, bag, etc. Tshirt price was 20€ while sweatshirt was 40€. Notice that you won't pay it with tokens.

I plan to see 40 bands in 4 days. Cool, right?
Know yo…